Enhanced water maintenance

Your swimming pool is a significant investment in your backyard, health and lifestyle. To ensure that you make the absolute most of this luxury backyard water feature, it’s key that you clean and maintain it regularly. That’s why we stock our shelves with a wide selection of pool products and chemicals, to help you mitigate or resolve any issue that comes your way. Looking for clearer and softer pool water? Check out Spa Complete from the well-known and trusted BioGuard, along with a number of other pool chemicals and products. If you’re unsure of how to use a certain product or have a question about the best option for your pool, just ask! We are always happy and available to assist you.

We proudly stock our shelves with the following essential pool & spa chemicals:

  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Cal Hypo
  • Dichlor
  • Non-Chlorine Shock
  • Fix a Leak
  • Phosphate Remover
  • Anti-Foam
  • Algaecide

Alex® Water Testing

ALEX® Water Testing utilizes a computerized water analysis system to quickly and accurately test your pool water. This in-depth water analysis tests 12 different areas, so you can effectively treat the water with no wasted product.

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